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Premium building material with the look and feel of solid timber


What are Duo/Trio/Quattro beams?

KONZEPT DUO/TRIO is glued from two or three solid timbers and comes with National Technical Approval from the German Institute of Structural Engineering (approval no. Z-9-1-440). For the purposes of static analysis, it is classed as an S 10 material in accordance with DIN 1052. Provides optimum dimensional stability, for instance in airtight building envelope constructions and where stringent demands are made on design. The low number of glue points helps retain the solid wood character of the material. KONZEPT DUO/TRIO is just as easy to process as solid wood. Special benefits: A top-grade crack-resistant surface and free-of-heartcentre cut for precise fitting and dimensional stability. Careful drying does away with the need for chemical wood preservative.

The demands and requirements of building owners and planners have increased considerably in this day and age. Above all in the visible areas, qualitities without cracks and high-quality qualities are required, which should have chemically untreated surfaces.

The solution was to develop a construction material consisting of two, three or four (DUO/TRIO/QUATTRO) glued planks. Manufactured according to DIN EN 14080, SchwörerHolz achieves skill values of C24 and can therefore also be used for measurements according to DIN EN 1995.

The planks used are technically dried, strength graded according to DIN 14081, quality controlled during manufacture and are produced in many cross-sections. The surface is planed on four sides and the edges are slightly chamfered. The melamine resin gluing (light glue joint) preserves the solid wood character and the dimensional stability.

fields of application

DUO, TRIO and QUATTRO beams are particularly suitable for:

  • all applications with high requirements on the form stability of the components, especially for the creation of airtight building envelopes (e. g. in timber frame construction, skeleton construction or with removed roof trusses).
  • visible components that have to meet high design requirements.
  • Components where you should renounce preventive chemical wood protection. The few glued joints preserve the solid wood character.

The glue joint plays no role statistically seen. Thus, DUO/TRIO/QUATTRO beams can also be used as supports or ceiling beams like solid wood.

DUO, TRIO and QUATTRO beams may be used indoors and roofed outdoor areas (use classes 1 and 2 according to DIN EN 1995-1-1, "Eurocode 5"). An extreme climatic alternating stress, for example due to direct weathering like the situation with solid wood, should be avoided.

delivery and performance programme

  • type of wood: spruce
  • stability classes: C24, C35 on request
  • quality: visual quality (Si), industrial quality (NSi)
  • surface: plande and chamfered
  • standard length: 13m
  • wood moisture: 13% +/-2%
  • minimum order quantity: acceptance in packages, acceptance in layers, single bars possible at extra charge
  • packaging: industrial quality – package wrapped, visual quality – single and package wrapped
  • impregnation: colourless/ yellow (until13m)
  • gluing: melamine resin, light glue joint