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wood industry of Schwörer – quality without compromises

We offer a wide range of sawn timber and derived timber products to our users. 60% of the wood products goes in the trade, 40% goes in the demanding Schwörer house production, known for its high quality.

The general conditions for the manufacture of state-of-the-art wood products are trend-setting.
This includes the consistent and controlled drying of wood. The constant heat supply of the computer-controlled drying process, with a capacity of 200,000 m³ per year, is provided by the biomass cogeneration plant (combined heat and power plant).
The drying halls are equipped with modern fresh air-exhaust air technology with heat recovery. There is also the possibility of IPPC treatment.

The inner values of the building material wood

In the wood factory, the dried sawn timber is graded in five stages according to stability. For the constructive use it depends less on the optical quality but rather on the "inner values": What about the raw density, the fibre course, the knots which are in the sawn timber or the knottiness and the cracks in the wood? During the vibration measurement, each individual wood is attached to the front side and the dynamic modulus of elasticity is determined via the natural frequency measurement.

In an intermediate step, the wood is pre-planed and then the moisture is measured - but not only once. At SchwörerHaus, the moisture content of the wood is checked in the longitudinal passage of the entire cross-section with 400 measurements per second. Moisture deviations in the core are detected and unsuitable woods are sorted out.

Then the heart of the mechanical sorting system is used: the multi-sensor scanner. X-ray and surface scanners determine the raw density, fibrr deviations and the knots which are in the sawn timer or the knottiness. This is followed by the mechanical curvature measurement. A final visual inspection completes the examination process. The total sum of these measures guarantees customers a consistently high level of quality.

The wood with the guaranty of stability

quality assurance - quality is our commitment

The notified position MPA Stuttgart - 0672 - has carried out the initial inspection of the factory and the factory-owned production control and execute the continuous monitoring, the evaluation and the recognition of the factory-owned production control. The issued "certificate" 0672-CPR-0527 certifies the conformity of the factory-owned production control with the determinations of the annexe ZA of the harmonized standard EN 13986.


■ state-of-the-art production at the site guarantees a consistently high quality standard.
■ sustainable production cycle guarantees ecologically impeccable wood products.
■ competence and experience guarantee the most modern production facilities and
highly qualified employees.
■ wide product range guarantee for all requirements
the right product.

competence is the secret of our success

State-of-the-art production guarantees excellent stability and an outstanding planed surface - for demanding timber construction and ready-for-assembly quality according to DIN.



During the manufacture into high-quality derived timber products, the dried sawn timber is checked in five work steps and is sorted mechanically according to stability:
vibration measurement: to determine the dynamic modulus of elasticity via natural frequency measurement.
moisture measurement: to detect moisture deviations until the core. 400 measurements per second in the longitudinal passage over the entire cross-section.
multi-sensor-scanner: for the determination of raw density, fibre deviations and the knots which are in the sawn timber or the knottiness.
mechanical curvature measurement: to measure the geometric characteristics of the boards.
final visual inspection: at the end of the examination process with a personal assessment by the expert.

state-of-the-art technology is our advantage

Our new state-of-the-art planing facility with machining centre at the wood factory of Schwörer creates improvements in terms of efficiency, work safety and precision.

The new 70 m long planing facility produces solid structural timber and 5 m long frame timber in various dimensions. Among other things, wall stems for the prefabricated houses of Schwörer are cut to tenths of an inch in various dimensions, are planed, chamfered and then are refined in the affiliated machining centre - we naturally also offer this service to our customers of SchwörerHolz. Thanks to the most modern five-axis technology and the precise automation, the Conturex from Weinig offers new possibilities of processing such as individual and flexible milling and drilling.  In the next step, sleeves for connections can be pressed and glued etc. into the bores with a perfect fit.



■ curvature and moisture measurement

■ short changeover time

■ high throughput speed

■ short manufacture time

■ high energy efficiency

■ wide range of products

■ operating safety

■ flexible drilling and milling

■ pressing in and gluing of connections

diversity is our strength

  • sawn timber – as a basis for a flexible further processing
  • solid structural timber – for quality at running meter
  • DUO/ TRIO/ QUATTRO-beams – with solid wood character
  • glulam – as an alternative to steel and concrete with high load-bearing capacity
  • glulam-items for the ceiling – for rational building
  • three-layer-slabs – for creative freedom of design
  • three-layer installation plate – for fast processing
  • three-layer Finish – with finished coated surface


Due to the high quality of SchwörerHolz products, our range also includes derived timber products with admission for civil engineering.
As a by-product, SchwörerHolz also sells wood chips for the paper and cellulose industry as well as chips for wood pellet production.


experience and tradition are our basis

SchwörerHolz is a division of the SchwörerHaus KG, a family business with more than 60 years of experience, 7 locations in Germany and 1,850 employees.

Social sustainability is a key factor of success for SchwörerHaus, which is why we invest heavily in the formation. As one of the largest, location-loyal employers on the Swabian Alb, SchwörerHaus offers the young generation apprenticeship training positions in almost all occupations in the construction and timber industries. More than 80 trainees are currently learning 16 different occupations, the majority of them are traditionally taken over.


At SchwörerHaus, the development and production departments work hand in hand. 26 patents testify to the innovative strength of the company.

1996 European Solar Prize
since 1997 validated environmental management according to the European EMAS standard
1998 environmental award in the field of industry
since 2001 certified according to the worldwide valid DIN EN ISO 14001
2011 award as climate protection company